how to contact me


There are zillions of possibilities:

  1. -per Email: [email protected]

  2. -per phone +49 179 708 27 25 (mobile)

  1. -Per chat:

- per AIM (hoplahup), MSN ([email protected]), or per Yahoo! (paul_libbrecht), per GTalk [email protected] (all rarely connected)

  1. -per Skype (paul_libbrecht)

  1. -or per Facebook or LinkedIn.


I now regularly use PGP/MIME to sign my messages. Moreover, you can send me an encrypted mail using this standard and the keys below.

I employ, thus far, two private keys:

  1. 1the key for [email protected] with Fingerprint C6F8 EC89 52C5 8E21 71DD B05E 9423 87E4 A1CB 67B1 and this public key.

  2. 2the key for [email protected] with Fingerprint EDE9 CCC6 DF97 9581 4067 5065 639A 0994 F4E4 FFAC and this public key.

  3. 3the key for [email protected] with Fingerprint 5D78 59D2 0E9A F86D 43A4  7600 FED5 7664 3970 EB45 and this public key.

  4. 4the key for [email protected] with Fingerprint 4F78 B8FC 068E 00F9 4E0B  9D05 8597 D909 807D EB and this public key.

I successfully used these signatures with Apple Mail and GPGTools, with Mozilla Thunderbird as well as PostBox and Enigmail.