how to contact me


There are zillions of possibilities:

  1. -per Email:

  2. -per phone +49 179 708 27 25 (mobile)

  1. -Per chat:

- per AIM (hoplahup), MSN (, or per Yahoo! (paul_libbrecht), per GTalk (all rarely connected)

  1. -per Skype (paul_libbrecht)

  1. -or per Facebook or LinkedIn.


I now regularly use PGP/MIME to sign my messages. Moreover, you can send me an encrypted mail using this standard and the keys below.

I employ, thus far, two private keys:

  1. 1the key for with Fingerprint C6F8 EC89 52C5 8E21 71DD B05E 9423 87E4 A1CB 67B1 and this public key.

  2. 2the key for with Fingerprint EDE9 CCC6 DF97 9581 4067 5065 639A 0994 F4E4 FFAC and this public key.

  3. 3the key for with Fingerprint 5D78 59D2 0E9A F86D 43A4  7600 FED5 7664 3970 EB45 and this public key.

  4. 4the key for with Fingerprint 4F78 B8FC 068E 00F9 4E0B  9D05 8597 D909 807D EB and this public key.

I successfully used these signatures with Apple Mail and GPGTools, with Mozilla Thunderbird as well as PostBox and Enigmail.